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Getting Started - Sending SMS

If you are a Buyer, after registering with the online system, use following SMS format to send trade request;
B kamal 1234
B kamal 1234 17
B kamal 1234 17 75
Start with B, It means you are buyer, and then you have to type your USER NAME and PASSWORD given by the system. Above sample user is KAMAL and his password 1234
Now you have to type the vegetable name code you are going to buy. Please use commodity ID card to find out Codes (click here). Above sample code 17 represent Carrot.
Now mention the Price you expect per kilogram. This can either write 75 or 75.00. ever time make sure not to put higher price since best prices get better response.
B kamal 1234 17 75
B kamal 1234 17 75
500 1
B kamal 1234 17 75
500 1 3
You have to mention the quantity you are willing to buy using Kg measurement. Above example shows 500Kg quantity.
Mention your Grade expectation for the commodity. You can use GRADE 1 to 5 values when you type SMS. Grade 1 is the best grade and 5 is the lowest this mentions the quality of the commodity
Now you have to clarify the expiry date of the commodities, this will be similar to Trade request expiry. If you mention 3, that mean you have only 3 days, 5 means 5 days, 7 means 1 week and 14 means 2 weeks.